Jhelum’s Anger: The Heartbreaking Calamity in Srinagar


In the early hours of a somber Tuesday morning, the serene flow of the Jhelum River was disrupted by an unforeseen tragedy. A boat, carrying the hopes and dreams of its passengers, succumbed to the river’s sudden wrath, leaving behind a narrative of loss and resilience.

The boat collapsed in the Jhelum River in Srinagar on Tuesday, killing six people—four of them children—and leaving ten more unaccounted for, according to officials. They stated that the rope that was used to help the boat cross the river suddenly broke, causing it to overturn.
Following many days of intense rain in the area, the river’s water levels increased. More than twenty persons, primarily youngsters, were on the boat. Ten people have been saved, while ten more are still unaccounted for. A search and rescue effort for the missing passengers has been initiated by the state disaster relief force.

The unfortunate tragedy that occurred when the boat capsized in the Jhelum River close to Srinagar has had a major impact. Based on the most recent changes, below are further details

Date and Place of Jhelum tragedy

Jhelum tragedy April 16, 2024, on the outskirts of Srinagar was the accident date.

Casualties: The boat overturned, resulting in the drowning of at least four persons. Ten persons are reported missing and six deaths, according to other reports. 

Passengers: Ten or twelve schoolchildren were among the various people on the boat. Cause: The rope that was used to support the boat gave way.

Rescue Operations: A team from the State Disaster Response Force has been sent in to assist with the current rescue efforts.

Weather: Over the previous three days, there has been nonstop rain in the area. 

In a heart-wrenching incident, a boat capsized in the Jhelum River near Srinagar, resulting in the loss of lives and leaving several others missing. The tragedy spread out amidst heavy rainfall,

The Incident of Jhelum tragedy

A boat carrying people—including schoolchildren—met with tragedy on a fateful day. Everyone was unprepared for the abrupt overturning of the boat, which threw them into the chilly, turbulent waters of the Jhelum. As people tried to find safety and stay afloat, chaos and panic broke out.As the search for the missing continues, the heart of Srinagar beats with hope and solidarity. The city, cradled by the Himalayas, knows the resilience required to overcome such trials.


Rescue Efforts

Rescue teams swiftly responded to the distress call. Braving the adverse weather conditions, they worked tirelessly to retrieve survivors and recover the bodies of those who lost their lives. As news of the catastrophe spread, the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) was swiftly deployed, undertaking a rescue operation fraught with challenges. The turbulent waters tested the resolve of the rescuers as they searched for survivors and provided aid to the injured.

The Toll

At least four lives have been lost as of right now, and several others’ whereabouts are still unknown. Families wait tensely for word of their loved ones in the midst of the tragedy, praying for a miracle. The river, often a source of sustenance, became a bearer of misfortune as four individuals lost their lives to its depths. The community, struck by grief, now counts its missing, with several individuals still unaccounted for.

Families wait tensely for word of their loved ones in the thick of the catastrophe, praying for a miracle. The community has offered the afflicted people assistance and comfort at this difficult time.


The Jhelum River has witnessed both joyous and terrible events as it flows through the beautiful surroundings of Srinagar. We are thinking about them.
Note: The data given in this article was based on the best available information at the time of publication. Since authorities are still investigating this, new details may come to light. This humanitarianally presented piece maintains empathy while highlighting the seriousness of the situation.


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