Arvind Kejriwal meets wife Sunita Kejriwal 2024

Arvind Kejriwal

Sunita Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal was recently allowed to meet with his wife Sunita Kejriwal and AAP minister Atishi in Tihar Jail. This meeting came about after initial denial of permission for Sunita Kejriwal by the jail authorities, which was later granted.

What led to Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest?

The Chief Minister of Delhi, was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with a money laundering probe linked to the Delhi excise policy case. The arrest followed searches at his official residence and questioning by the ED for nearly two hours. The ED claims that AAP leaders received kickbacks worth ₹100 crore in the excise policy. Kejriwal’s name has also been mentioned multiple times in the charge sheets filed by the ED, and he is accused of being the “kingpin and key conspirator of the Delhi excise scam”.

Arvind Kejriwal

What is the current status of Arvind Kejriwal’s case?

The current status of Arvind Kejriwal’s case is that he is facing judicial custody in connection with a liquor scam. Kejriwal has filed a petition with the Supreme Court contesting his arrest and subsequent remand by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), which he claims is politically motivated. The Deputy Director of the ED has countered this, stating that Kejriwal’s arrest was necessary due to his “total non-cooperative attitude” during the investigation. Additionally, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) regarding the quality of education in MCD schools is also scheduled to be heard by the Delhi High Court.

What are the specific charges against Arvind Kejriwal?

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, faces several specific charges related to the Delhi excise policy case. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has accused him of being the “kingpin and key conspirator” in a scheme that allegedly involved demanding kickbacks from liquor businessmen in exchange for favors under the excise policy. The ED claims that a group known as the ‘South Group’ received undue favors and that Kejriwal was directly involved in the formulation of the policy to benefit this group. Additionally, it is alleged that Kejriwal was involved in the use of proceeds of crime in the AAP’s Goa election campaign and that he controlled the major activities of the party.

What evidence has been presented against Arvind Kejriwal?

This request came after the ED claimed to have “sufficient material” against him. During court proceedings, the ED alleged that Kejriwal was giving evasive replies and not disclosing passwords of his digital devices, which they argued was necessary for their investigation. The ED also stated that they needed to confront Kejriwal with other persons linked to the case and that statements of some AAP candidates were being recorded. However, the details of the specific evidence presented by the ED have not been disclosed publicly. Kejriwal’s legal team has denied any wrongdoing on his part.

What are the key pieces of evidence against Arvind Kejriwal?

  • Alleged Destruction of Evidence: The ED claims that over 170 mobile phones were changed or destroyed by 36 individuals, which they say led to the destruction of crucial digital evidence and the money trail.
  • Non-Cooperation: The ED has accused Kejriwal of avoiding interrogation and being non-cooperative during the investigation, even on non-incriminating questions.
  • Alleged Conspiracy: Documents obtained by the ED contain allegations that Kejriwal was complicit in a conspiracy involving key figures in the purported Delhi Excise Policy Scam.
  • Alleged Surveillance: There are indications that Kejriwal may have been spying on ED officials, as suggested by a document recovered during his arrest.

These are the pieces of evidence that have been highlighted by the ED in their affidavit and public statements. However, it’s important to note that the details of the specific evidence have not been disclosed publicly, and the legal proceedings are ongoing.

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